Benefits of ScobyTec BNC


Unlike plastics and rubbers, ScobyTec BNC does not involve the extraction, use, or burning of fossil fuels like crude oil. The environmental benefits gained from not requiring fossil fuels for production are truly immense. ScobyTec BNC does also not cause mass deforestation and the death of wildlife, unlike cotton, tree farming, or even hemp. With no mass water consumption, no pollution or emissions, and no mass deforestation, the biofabrication process of ScobyTec BNC is truly environmentally friendly.

100% Sustainable

ScobyTec BNC is grown with nothing more than a little bit of water and bacterial cultures, and therefore does not waste precious resources or destroy the planet around us. The fact that it is 100% sustainable is a fact that we pride ourselves on very much. For example, the production 1 ton of leather requires up to 80,000 liters of carcinogenic and mutagenic water released in the tanning process. The tanning process requires highly toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and chromium.

ScobyTec BNC uses only a fraction of the water needed to farm animals for the purpose of leather production. It also does not require tons of animal feed, the vast amounts of land needed for animal farming, nor does it involve any kind of poisonous chemicals required for the tanning process of leather. The biofabrication process of ScobyTec BNC doesn’t cut down millions of acres of forest, it does not destroy land, waste water, or any other resources for that matter. It is truly 100% sustainable.

Strength, Durability, Versatility

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits that ScobyTec BNC brings to the table is the fact that is one of the strongest natural materials on this planet. It features an extremely strong cell structure that renders it stronger than plastic, leather, rubber, and various fabrics. As well, actual automotive based testing has proven the material to be completely inflammable.

It’s high tensile strength, strong cell structure, and super high level of durability makes ScobyTec BNC perfect for a wide array of applications. Things like leather, viscose threads, specialty papers, plastics, various textiles, and more, are all candidates to be replaced by this one groundbreaking material, ScobyTec BNC. With many different markets that ScobyTec BNC can be used for, the future here is truly limitless.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

ScobyTec BNC totally respects animal rights. The biofabrication process used to create this material involves absolutely no animals in any way, shape, or form. There are no animals slaughtered to manufacture it, no animal products used to create it, and it is not tested on animals either. ScobyTec BNC is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Highly Customizable

The very nature of the ScobyTec material allows for a wide variety of customization and coloration to meet specific applications. While the material can be hot rolled to create all of the usual luxurious leather textures, other textures such as lizard, alligator and Anaconda skins can easily be duplicated. A wide range of coloration is possible to match exterior automotive paint colors or the latest in-style colors for luxury clothing, handbags, luggage and furniture. Being able to manipulate the exact texture, color, and shape of this biofabricated material is a big feature that allows it to penetrate into many markets.

Low Cost Production

The nature and requirements of the ScobyTec material allow for low-cost, easily scalable production techniques. As already identified very little water is required and all elements of the production process are fully recyclable, both features which drastically cut production costs. This revolutionary process of biofabrication produces a versatile material at a fraction of the cost of other materials like leather, fabrics, textiles, cotton, hemp, and several others.

End of life Recyclability

The problems with end of life recycling of materials such as PVC, Polyurethane and other resin-based plastics is legendary. These materials, more often than not, simply cannot be recycled at all. Those materials that can be recycled require a lot of energy and resources to recycle, this still producing a lot of waste and using up valuable resources.

ScobyTec BNC, as a pure microbial cellulose based material, is easily recyclable and fully biodegradable, allowing for easy end of life recycling of the product. Even when the material wears out eventually, it goes right back to Mother Earth without causing any long or short term damage.