About Us

What we do

We are all about the production of sustainable products through the revolutionary process of bio fabrication. After all, our planet is facing a dire situation in terms of the environment and ScobyTec BNC is our contribution to change the situation for the better. We are committed to providing a totally sustainable material with a wide variety of applications, all without further damaging the precious earth we live on.


    ScobyTec BNC displays unique material properties:
  • high mechanical strength,
  • high water absorption capacity,
  • high crystallinity,
  • an ultra-fine and highly pure fibre network structure


SCT Materials and its applications


SCT Materials Corporation is led by an experienced team of top experts in the fields of bio science, product design, and production automation and scaling, as well as business development, C level management, and IP strategy. Together we are ideally positioned to grow SCT Materials into the key player in the biofabrication of sustainable new nano materials and establish ScobyTec BNC as the standard in bacterial nano technology.


Beat Raemy

CEO +++ Strategy and Corporate Development +++ Seasoned entrepreneur with 30 years C-Level experience in Europe and North America


Bernhard Schipper

CTO +++ Founder of ScobyTec +++ Scientific and Technical Development +++ 25 years + experience in Europe and North America +++ IoT, Green and Bio Tech


Carolin Wendel

CSO +++ Founder of ScobyTec +++ Scientific Development +++ Nutrition/Fermentation Specialist +++ Textile & Pattern Development +++ Product Dev at BabyKicks in Europe and North America


Steve Rodgers

VP Business Development +++ Significant industry, manufacturing & technology strengths +++ 40 years + in global autoindustry in leading roles at Magna and GM +++ 5 years President, 2 Chair APMA


Donald Johnston

General Counsel & VP Strategy +++ Lawyer, Aird & Berlis LLP +++ Legal, policy and strategy